The Muscat Sessions

by In Different Sounds

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released December 17, 2016



all rights reserved


In Different Sounds Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


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Track Name: The Trees, the Wind, the Trees
Don’t take a step closer
My mind’s already made up, yes sir
Part the veil to the haunted room
Where the ghost of past lives live in upright tombs

And old picture frames
With your familiar stains
Condemned ground, amended somehow
This broken house is all that’s left of you now

You can find me here, kneeling at the altar
Making peace with the earth and the water
Yes you know, you know, you know you never will
Pale white hands leave prints on the windowsill

And old picture frame
With your familiar stains
Condemned ground, amended somehow
This broken house is all that’s left of you now

I think I might
Left with no respite
Chain me down to the porch, through the beams
Between you and me
So easily
I am free
Track Name: Pretty in Pale
I’ll count up your pennies and take you down the trail
I won’t let anyone get in our way
I won’t fail
To find you a nice spot beneath a willow tree
I’ve got time
The night’s not loosened its hold on me

Your skin is so cold
And your face is pretty in pale
And I keep finding pieces of you
Beneath my fingernails.

You’re not much for conversation on our strange procession
I won’t tuck you in too deep this time
I’ve learned my lesson
I don’t want to leave you here
alone but I’ve got no choice
I’ll sing you a lullaby but
I know you can‘t hear my voice

Your skin is so cold
And your face is pretty in pale
And I’m still finding pieces of you
Beneath my fingernails

You’re not the first you won't be the last
As long as I draw breath
I’m gonna punish you all for crimes
That haven’t been invented yet

Oh no, I think it’s time to go
The sun’s coming up and I need to wash the dirt from my clothes
Oh yes, I think it’s time I leave
But I won’t forget what we did here too soon
You’d better believe
You’d better believe

(Where are you going?
Why am I left among the leaves?
The river is flowing,
But I remain beneath the trees)
Track Name: My Paradise
This world
It cannot see
It cannot be

My life
Has been consumed by you
Consumed by you

Can't run
Can only hide
Can only try

Your breath
I feel it down my spine
And the bells of clarity chime

I am afraid of being yours
I know when it rains, it pours
And I feel that the longer that I stay
The more I can't be rid of you
You are my life
My paradise

Your words
Are engrained in me
They set me free

My heart
Searched for answers for you
So you can think it through

Your touch
Carves out the truth
What can I do?

My fears
They swell and say
"Are you ready for today?"

It is hard to understand
That I won't be the same again
When I'm honest with myself
Everything is in motion now
And I will make it through somehow
Only you can tell

You are my life
My paradise
Track Name: Rest of Mine
One fails and one succeeds
Both taking all of me
How will I ever cope
When I'm left without hope?

Shattered dreams and split teams
I don't wanna lose anything
Ups and downs, emotions wound
Is there anything left to be found?

Battle all the things against me
I lost to the kings and queens
Pick up all the pieces that I find
And put them with the rest of mine

Countless hours and countless days
Is there any end to this maze?
They say that slow and steady wins the race
What if you're being chased?

Can anybody hear me scream?
This is not my dream
I guess I'll just have to wait
To see if I ever awake